Introducing the FlipBookit MAKER Craft!

The newest member of the FlipBooKit family happens to be the easiest and quickest to assemble.
The box includes everything you need to turn your own video or images into a custom Hand-cranked Movie Machine!

Create your own 24-frame animation by uploading your own video or images to our free online flip-maker tool!

FlipBooKit CRAFT Maker includes:

  • FlipBooKit box – New Pop-open cube box made with e-flute “craft”
  • Blank Flip Cards
  • Printable Labels
  • Easy-to-assemble spindle, crank
  • Updated (easier) Instruction Sheet (in English)


What will you make with your new FlipBooKit Maker Craft? Maybe give the gift of a moving picture of yourself for mother’s day or father’s day, or give the gift of a great DIY flip book project to a friend, child, or grandchild for their birthday. Bring your dull digital videos to life with this animation machine and make the perfect bespoke, artisan, handmade gift of love.

With endless possibilities, head over to our instagram for animation ideas, fan creations, and flip book movies! You will find inspiration to turn your film ideas into tactile flip shows, your drawings into rotating animations, and your little joys into mechanical moments. Browse the FlipBooKit Instagram page for drawing ideas then take your children or students’ ideas and turn them into moving animations or their friends and classes. The FlipBooKit Maker Craft makes a fantastic show-and-tell project as well!

Can’t decide on which animation to create? Make more than one animation with the blank card kit and change them with the seasons! Take 4th of July videos and turn them into photo animations for the summer! Use fall leaves and play with your kids to make fall animations! Make winter animations from snowball fights then turn Easter egg hunts into animations for the spring! As the season passes, rotate the cards out to remind your family of the moments that you had together over the years. Better yet, give the animations to a grandparent so they can experience the family moment over and over again.

This hand-cranked FlipBooKit can also be upgraded to a motorized unit with our MOTO Upgrade Kit. This is amazing little kit allows your hand-cranked FlipBooKit to become a motorized, automatically rotating movie machine with just the push a button. The Moto upgrade kit is easy to install and comes with full instructions.

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1.5 in


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