Tim Burton  Procession
(10 Edition) FlipBook


Designed with Tim Burton’s creative guidance and specially created for the “Lost Vegas” Tim Burton Show, only 10 of these rare Limited Editions will exist.
“Procession” features Tim Burton’s take on the four playing card suit characters as they bounce, hop, scoot and scuttle about 
in this magical collaboration between Tim Burton and the fine-art arm of FlipBooKit, Mechanical Flipbook.  Each edition is hand-built at Mechanical Flipbook studio in Ithaca, New York and with a precision-machined stainless steel & aluminum 32-frame-spindle, laminated canvas pages, electronically-timed push-button activation, gear motor, internal illumination, lacquered maple cabinet, and plated & numbered (battery powered).
This piece was originally on-display at the Neon Museum during the Tim Burton Lost Vegas exhibition (the very popular show was closed early due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Please refer to the edition availability chart. 

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Dimensions 13 × 7 × 8 in